One of the most important institutions in the Southern Highlands is Mendi General Hospital, the main referral hospital of the Province. However, the hospital lacks critical infrastructure, medical equipment and machines that is required for a hospital serving a major population base to be effective.

The Southern Highlands Medical students attending the School of Medicine and Health Science in collaboration with the UPNG Southern Highlands Students Union decided to do something about that.

They have started a fundraising campaign that is aimed at raising funds to buy a CT Scan machine.

CT Scan machines are very important because it scans the entire body (both bones and tissues) and pinpoints the locations of tumors, clots, and infections. This will help medical professionals administer the right treatment to save lives after having done proper diagnosis of diseases.

That will be a breakthrough for the provinces as countless lives have been lost without the Doctors and medical workers knowing the exact disease and sickness.

CT Scan doesn’t come cheap though, the machine costs around K2 Million to K2.5 Million but the SHP Medical faculty in collaboration with SHP UPNG students from the main campus have taken on the challenge to raise the funds.

Using the theme “Ask not what Southern Highlands can do for you but ask what you can do for Southern Highlands” the students have already cleaned Mendi town and erected rubbish drums within the town’s vicinity during their 2020 Christmas break.

SHP Medical Students faculty President Felix Komyala David is one of the leaders that is spearheading the initiative alongside other students’ leaders. A growing number of professionals are also supporting the cause.

“While we are studying to become medical professionals, accountants, lawyers, etc. we also want to be advocators for change in the Southern Highlands. Time for only talking is over. We want to do something and this fundraising will help us purchase this needed medical equipment for our provincial hospital,” said David.

The mission may seem overwhelming and the odds stacked against them but they have started a fight that will benefit the entire Southern Highlands and even the neighboring provinces as CT scans are only available in Chimbu, Lae and Port Moresby.

The students have booked the Dynasty Restaurant at Vision City on Thursday, 20th of May from 6pm to 9pm for the fundraising dinner. Tickets are selling for K300 per person and K5000 Per Table for Corporate organizations.

Call Felix David on 7857 8616 and Samson Akivi on 70196790 for more information.

Buy a ticket and save lives! 

artwork: Waga Kane

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