Tinol’s reign in UPNG SRC begins

Writes Terence Kapipi Yacop | Wepio Media Agency

The University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) Student Representative Council (SRC) had a low-key handover take over on Christmas eve with outgoing SRC President Bradley Yombon Copio and his executives handing over keys, official documents, registry of assets, financial reports, and access to the SRC media platforms to 2022 UPNG SRC President elect Melvin Tinol to officially begin his one-year term.

The UPNG Students Representative Council (SRC) is comprised of elected students’ representatives and they serve the best interests of the students of the University of Papua New Guinea. However, The UPNG SRC was completely dismantled in 2016.

After almost five years it was reinstated in 2021 with Mr. Yombon Copio Bradley elected leader.  Bradley and his executives spent their term in the office to re-establish the basic foundations of the SRC Body and now he passes the baton to Melvin Tinol.

“Our job officially comes to an end today with the ending over of the office keys.  My team spent the last few days of the festive season passing our experiences, struggles, what we achieved, what its like being in the role,” said the outgoing the SRC President.

To help with the transition Bradley and his outgoing team spent a few days with Melvin over the festive season to talk about their experiences.

“We focused a lot on sharing experiences. It’s not for Melvin to do exactly what I did but for him to know where I went wrong and where I went right. We tried to be open as possible so that a seamless transition can happen.

“This is actually one of the first times in the history of the Office of the SRC to hand over assets. In the past outgoing SRC representatives take everything when their term ends.

“In terms of finances, we left K300, 000 – K400, 000 in the account, the last time funds were left behind by the SRC was in 2013 when Hon. Peter Numu the Governor of Eastern Highlands ended his SRC term,” said Mr. Yombon Copio during the takeover.

SRC President Melvin Tinol who will be doing his final year Law studies in 2022 was full of praise for Mr. Yombon Copio and his executives for setting up the dormant SRC office and then turning up at the campus on Christmas eve to formally end over the SRC office.

“On behalf of all the incoming executives we say thank you for being with us for this festive season, this is the peak of the holidays, you and your team should be with your families but you are here with us,” said Mr. Melvin Tinol.

“I would like to congratulate and appreciate Bradley and his team. You have done a tremendous job in setting up the office of the SRC which has been dormant for the last four years.

“With the slogan of ‘Heal, Revive and Inspire’ the outgoing team have healed, revived and inspired us and we will continue on the foundation that you laid.

“I’d like to wish a merry Christmas and happy new year to Bradley and your outgoing executives and every student who are on holidays. We hope for a better 2022,” said SRC President Tinol.  

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