SHP to present report to Boundaries Commission

Image: Boundaries Commissioner McRonald Nale speaking during awareness and consultation for the proposed new electorates in the Southern Highlands

A consultation between Boundary Commission and stakeholders from the Southern Highlands was held at the Agiru Centre in Mendi on the 5th of July, 2021 on the possibility of creating new electorates in the Province.

The last boundaries commission report that was approved by the government was in 1977. The report recommended 89 Open electorates and 20 provinces according to the populations at that time. The population has since doubled and by law, Papua New Guinea is supposed to have 110 open electorates, meaning 21 new electorates must be created.

A team led by Boundaries Commissioner Mr. McRonald Nale carried out awareness in the province as well as met with leaders from LLG Council Wards, LLG Presidents and community leaders representing electorates of Southern Highlands.

“One of the conclusions reached during the consultations meeting was that former senior Public Servant Philip Moya and his team will collect and reduced all the views for and against creating new electorates that was shared into writing.

“After further consultations far and wide in the province they should supply a report by the end of the month for the Boundary Commission consideration,” said Boundary Commissioner McRonald Nale.

Present during the meeting was new Provincial Administrator Jerry David who sanctioned the consultations and provided support on behalf of the provincial government.

All boundaries commission meetings that are being carried out nationwide are expected to conclude before the end of July. Any recommendations for new electorates will be made by the government whether to be voted by parliament before 2022 elections or after. The process has now begun.

Image: Consultation meeting between Boundaries Commission representatives and SHP stakeholders at the Provincial Assembly Hall at the Agiru Centre, Mendi.

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