SHP 9s Sponsors Acknowledged

Artwork: Waga Kane – Wepio Media

The SHP 9s success in 2019 and 2020 has been warmly received by fans, the rugby league community and most importantly the business houses who came out to help and support the third installment of the event.

The Southern Highlands Provincial Government remains the main backer of the SHP 9s. Coming on board as the second Platinum Sponsor of the tournament is IPWENZ CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITED who made their intentions known to partner with the SHP 9s long term.

SHP 9s also received sponsorships from Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC), Heli Solutions, Cane Constructions Limited, Handy Finance Limited and Mount Lemina Lodge.

The growth and success of the tournament would not have been possible without the backing of our sponsors and the SHP 9s organisers say THANK YOU for coming on board to make this tournament even bigger and better.

Our thank you also goes out to all the sponsors and backers of the 32 teams that will take part in the tournament. There are so many of you and we can’t mention you all by name here but we want to let you all know that you are appreciated.

Media Coverage will be provided by Wepio Media’s Rugby League Romantics and it’s affiliates like Wamesii Photography, Kolunda Photography, Murumbu Bloggers and others as well as the main stream media who have literally placed the 2021 SHP 9s on the PNG map.

The 2021 SHP 9s Tournament will be staged at Momei Oval in the heart of Mendi town from the 13-16 January, 2022

Let’s show PNG that we are capable of hosting highly organized and peaceful events like anywhere else in the country. We have done it the first two times successfully, let’s do it again, bigger and better

Approved for release: 2021 SHP 9s Organizers

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