The RD Tuna Canners have stepped in to sponsor the THM ENSO Dollies with jerseys through Mr Pii Ipara to take in the DWU Unity Rugby League Competition in the 2021 Season in Madang.

A total of 15 jerseys were presented to the team today by Mr. Ipara. As a former president of Madang Rugby League (2018-2019), he encouraged students to take part in sports to keep them healthy and fit while studying.

“Prioritize your studies, sports can come after,” says Mr. Ipara.

He also assured the team that RD Tuna will step in to assist in whatever possible way it can.

“On behalf of RD Tuna we are happy to be a part of this team. I am not supporting you because I am from Enga but because I am against the idea of provincialism and regionalism.

“Team Captain Emmanuel Eralia thanked the Ipara family for the timely support in providing the jerseys after their jersey set was stolen last year by a fellow team member.

The Ipara family also presented an esky cooler to the team.

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