MRDC Managing Director Augustine Mano during his presentation at the UPNG Enga Students Association Motivational Night. Images Supplied by MRDC Media

MRDC’s Mano and Lupari motivates UPNG ENGA Students Association

Mineral Resources Development Company Managing Director Augustine Mano and Chairman Isaac Lupari were guest speakers at the UPNG Enga Students Association’s (UPNG ESA) second Motivational Night.

They surely did leave a mark on the lives of not only the Engan students but the rest of students that attend the event at UPNG’s New Lecture Theatre on September 8, 2021.

Enga Students Association President Jayson Kome appreciatively acknowledged Mr. Mano and Mr. Lupari and welcomed their presence. He was thrilled at how the night turned out and declared it a success.

“Special thank you to the Managing Director of MRDC for making time available out of your busy schedules to be here with us. And to our own Engan son and Chairman of MRDC Isaac Lupari, thank you for being with the UPNG Enga Students Association in the good and the bad times. Thank you for your efforts thus far.

In his presentation to inspire, guest speaker Mr. Mano stated that when he arrived at MRDC in 2008 the management firm’s total portfolio was K679 million but today it stands at a whooping K6.7 billion. This was the result of establishing a robust governance framework, prudent investment guidelines and solid trust arrangement.

“You can grow anything up if only you manage it properly. Papua New Guineans have the potential to change our nation. That is what we do best at MRDC, we manage and we invest wisely and the results speaks for itself,” Mr Mano said.

The students were impressed and gave a round of applause when Mr. Mano told them that the management firm doesn’t have a single expatriate in its ranks.

“Every position in MRDC is filled by Papua New Guinean like yourself. We bring them in, we build them up and then we listen to them,” said Mr. Mano.

After their high-powered speeches, the students were given the opportunity to ask a series of questions to the esteemed speakers about personal challenges to matters relating to MRDC and on the National Front. Law student Holita Lai queried the Managing Director “What the motivation was that drives him?”

Mr. Mano responded with a smile at first that “growing up he wanted to be a soldier.’’ Then he continued with a more solemn look that “coming from an oil and gas project area and observing my people suffer, I wanted to make a difference to my people and this country. That is still my motivation and the driving force behind the person that I am now.”

Keynote speaker Mr. Lupari delivered a passionate speech about the need to put in the hard work to study hard because it pays. He spoke of his humble upbringing, and the education he attained at Wabag (Community and High School), Passam (National High) and UPNG.

MRDC Chairman Amb. Isaac Lupari CBE speaking at the UPNG Enga Students Association Motivational Night. Images Supplied by MRDC Media

“My father was a poor man and I grew up as a village boy but hard work, dedication and reverence to God has taken me to become the very top public servant of this country.

“Don’t think too high, always start low. When you ground yourself with humility and work hard you will rise to the very top,” said the former Chief Secretary.

The event’s Emcee Kingsford Noah, who is also the ESA Vice President declared after Mr. Mano and Mr. Lupari completed their speeches that “this is the greatest day of my life since arriving at this university to be here and listen to your esteemed gentlemen speak words of motivation to us.”

UPNG Enga Students Association members and other students listening to the speeches. Images supplied by MRDC Media

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