Howard Dus Honors Mum, Sisters with Bamboo

It is said that you are blessed if you have a sister and for Howard Dus, he has six very supportive elder sisters and his mum.

These group of strong women have dug deep and ensured Howard has everything he ever needed. And as a token of gratitude he dedicated to them his Bamboo in the 66th UPNG Graduation.

“It is a very special moment putting the gown on for my graduation day. And to actually receive this degree is the least I could do to honour my mum and sisters who have sacrificed so much for me.

“Their continuous support, encouragements and prayers shaped me to be who I am today. They are my pillars of strength and the foundation of my achievements. I owe them my life,” said a jubilant yet humbled Howard after the graduation.

Today was the first of the four UPNG graduation days that saw students from the School of Business and Public Policy pass out at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium in a COVID-19 affected ceremony and Howard was among them.

His father Dus Mapun was the first Southern Highlanders to graduate from the University of Papua New Guinea with a degree in Political Science, and now Howard followed that lofty footsteps, the same path that his elder siblings took.

Howard’s father Dus has 4 wives and a total of 21 children. He grew up in his mother’s village of Parpi, Lower Mendi, Southern Highlands away from the father.

Dus Mapun’s descendants are academically blessed. The first born Jacinta Dus graduated in Business Communication at UPNG, now a lecturer at UOG. Second is Eunice Dus, Environmental Science at UPNG.

Third is Elly Dus, Degree in Science at UOG, fourth is Apo Dus, Law Degree at UPNG. The fifth is Wendy Dus, who passed out of Medfac UPNG with a Degree in Dental Therapy. And Howard, the newest addition with a Degree in Economics.

He was raised by his mother and supported by his sisters from primary school through to university, and now a proud father of a beautiful daughter himself, Howard joins the latest installments of professional personal to be added to the Papua New Guinean workforce.

“I can clearly remember every moment of the day I entered UPNG like it was only yesterday. Even though I saw it coming, I couldn’t believe that I am graduating with the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics today.

“I am so blessed and couldn’t ask for more. I thank almighty God for his guidance and protection over the years.”

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