Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) impressed with Imbonggu District’s acquittals presentation

The office of Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) was graced by the Imbonggu District’s impressive presentation of its 2017-2021 funding acquittals of work that has transformed an unknown electorate to a shining light of progress and development in the country.

“In terms of the presentation now, this is top notch stuff from Imbonggu. We don’t usually get that. There a few districts that comes here and present and I really like to commend Imbonggu putting this together.

“This is actually the first time the Department of Implementation and Rural Development had an acquittal presentation from Imbonggu District and I want to say thank you to the Minister Hon. Pila Niningi and the Imbonggu District team,” said the DIRD’s Deputy Gordon Wafimbi Secretary.

It is important that leaders give an account of what they did with monies and funding they received. Minister for Inter – Government Relations and Member for Imbonggu Hon. Pila Niningi when presenting the acquittals stressed that there is an accountability process that every leader must follow.  

“The reports capture all our achievements, projects and infrastructure developments as well as constraints that we faced in a period of over four years.

“We will also use this acquittal report to evaluate all our sponsored activities and monitor its effectiveness in delivering critical services to the people of Imbonggu.

“The furnished reports provides both financial and physical expenditures on projects and programs implemented in the Imbonggu district and shines a light on what we have been doing. It also contains recommendations to meet future community expectations from all sectors,” said Hon. Niningi.

“DIRD plays a crucial role in the Papua New Guinea government machinery, they are responsible for the oversight and effective coordination of policies and programs by reviewing, monitoring and reporting on acquittals provided.

“DIRD also carry out project site inspections and verifications that is why we are here today delivering this report to them to show compliance as recipients to vital government grants, “said Hon. Niningi in his ministerial statement.

Secretary for DIRD Aihi Vagi, upon receiving the acquittals from Hon. Niningi said that “the development that is taking place in the provinces and districts depends on the good political and administrative leadership. When we have these two working closely, we can see the real outcome and impact on services being delivered.”

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