Nationally owned firm the Civil Pacific Contractors Limited (CIVPAC) was awarded a K108 Million Contract to Design, Construct and Seal the Erave – Muriki (Kagua) Road on the Agiru Highway as part of the Government’s Connect PNG Program. The 33 Kilometer Road project is expected to be completed under 24 months.

The contract was awarded to CIVPAC by the National Executive Council (NEC) after their submission went through the National Procurement Commission Board and passed all requirements of technical evaluation processes.

Governor General Sir Bob Daedae carried out the signing of the contract at the Government Haus in Kondedobu, Port Moresby today with Secretary for Works and Highways David Wereh and CIVPAC General Manager Ismael Tamutai Nelson.

The Works and Highways Secretary David Wereh who is one of the brains behind the Connect PNG Program which aims to open up the country to new economic corridors, said that “this is a millstone achievement for the overall scope that is required to get the road upgraded all the way from Kagua to Kikori.”

“This is part of the K5 Billion works that is going on right at the moment connecting the major missing links throughout the country. This is the biggest infrastructure investment in our history and it shows the seriousness of the government to delivering services and critical infrastructure,” said Secretary Wereh.

The contractor CIVPAC has been operating in the country for more than 20 years. They have been a key player in the construction of the Agiru Highway which includes the construction of the 10 Km Erave – Sembirigi missing link road that connects Erave and Kikori.

CIVPAC General Manager Ismael Tamutai Nelson thanked the government for giving them the opportunity to complete the road sealing from Kagua station to Erave Station. He said CIVPAC is very experienced working in the region and they are looking to deliver the road project ahead of schedule.

“As part of our agreement to deliver quality, we will stabilize the roads before sealing so that we don’t waste resources fixing them again since it will become a major economic corridor. That is our commitment to government and the people of PNG,” Mr. Nelson said.

CIVPAC is currently doing road sealing in Kikori Township and all the way to Kopi which is also part of the Agiru Gulf Southern Highlands Highway, a new emerging an economic route for the Highlands.

Sealed road in a section of Kikori Town, Gulf Province done constructed by CIVPAC recently.

The PNG government has committed a significant 5.6% of the annual national budget towards the Connect PNG program, as outlined in section 3(1) of the Connect PNG (Implementation and Funding Arrangements) Act 2021.

The Connect PNG Program 2020-2040 aims to enhance support for sustainable socio-economic development and national cohesion and unity, by connecting PNG’s four main regions over the next 20 years.

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